Who we are

Striving for progress and expansion

35 years of enthusiasm for machines and plants

HIRSCH Technology is a technology leader in the manufacturing of high quality, flexible and economical machines and plants for the processing of EPS, EPP and molded pulp.

Today HIRSCH Technology is one of the best supplier of innovative mechanical engineering and mold making technology for producing shaped-molded parts and insulation that has also gained the necessary expertise from in-house processing. This ensures that all the machines and systems are tailored to each other for reliable processes.

HIRSCH Technology acts as a strategic partner and solution provider for companies all over the world, primarily in the construction, electrical, food and packaging industry. The key objective is to build sustainable business relations with the customers based on trust and to support them by ensuring a high level of technical, economic and ecological standards in the long term.

What makes us so special

Technology leader in preexpanders and molding machines

Experience since 1972

Highest quality for machines and plants

Energy efficiency in operation and maintenance

HIRSCH Servo Group

Market leader in the EPS industry

The international HIRSCH Servo Group can look back on over 50 eventful, progressive years, with HIRSCH Technology producing machinery for international customers for more than 35 years.

With the global HERZ Group as its core shareholder, now holding 90 % of the stock, the basis was created in 2014 for successfully strengthening the HIRSCH Servo Group’s international market position.