Experience and Innovation

Our most valueable asset. Our employees.

Quality, responsibility and reliability


Back in 1972, the HIRSCH Servo Group set itself the goal of expanding with ideas – and the idea is still the driving force behind every expansion step today. True to our motto, HIRSCH Technology also upholds this philosophy, working closely together with customers and partners, while also taking input on board from the company’s most valuable asset – the right people in the right place.

As technology leader, issues such as quality, responsibility and reliability are at the centre of our activities. By constantly reflecting on core competencies and basic ecological values, HIRSCH Technology inspires long-term trust in its customers and strives for innovative enthusiasm. And all this with the highest demands on the efficient design of our products and processes.

Qualified knowledge and sustainable enthusiasm


HIRSCH Technology develops and manufactures high-technology solutions in close cooperation with international customers, thus frequently advancing into new areas of use – and while fully committed to environmentally friendly production. Long-standing industrial experience enabled an in-depth understanding of material properties and application engineering to be gained. It is this knowledge that makes all machines and systems from HIRSCH Technology among the most energy efficient in the world. Regular review of the innovative processes ensures the company’s continued existence by generating longterm profits and creating and safeguarding new jobs.

We take responsibility

Great importance is attached to responsibility, honesty, and integrity – when competing with other companies, using company property, regarding the environment, and other people’s health and safety. To ensure these principles are adhered to, the HIRSCH Servo Group is committed to demonstrating these core values in its day-to-day work, as set out in the Ethics Code.