EPS Turnkey Plants

Excellent quality on a grand scale

Planning, manufacturing and assembly of fully automated plants

EPS Turnkey Plants: All from a single source

All the technical know-how coupled with experience in applications goes into the production of the turnkey plants. Starting with the planning phase, through fabrication and installation of the plant to daily production operations, the HIRSCH team provides professional, collaborative support for customers. Thanks to the use of machines and systems that are all perfectly compatible, HIRSCH Technology guarantees end products of a unique quality. Expertise from in-house production as a manufacturer of both shape-molded parts and insulation and the aspect of innovative technologies make HIRSCH Technology one of the best one stop shops in the world. In addition to producing state-of-the-art machines and systems, the company’s greatest strengths include selecting the appropriate raw material, designing the mold, and reliable processing.

Advantages of our EPS turnkey plants

Individual planning of the machine layout

Fully automated production

High efficiency with little waste

Fastest turnaround times