Block molding machines for producing insulation boards

Optimally insulated

Production of high quality insulation boards

Fully automatic, vertical and horizontal block molding machines

For over 35 years HIRSCH Technology has been making fully automatic, vertical and horizontal blockmolding machines for producing high-quality insulation boards. Developed in house, the innovative, fully automatic process featuring a mold with two adjustable walls to make insulation boards ensures extreme flexibility, efficiency, and effectiveness in production. The benefits of the HIRSCH Technology Blockmolds include significantly shorter storage times, minimum scrap, and material savings due to optimal shaping of the blocks. Density correction, the greatest possible flexibility in steaming and consequently lower humidity in the block results in a high-quality end product for the customer.

Advantages at a glance

Fully automated production

Flexible steaming

Automatic density correction

Up to 100% recycled material can be used