Our Shape Molding Machines

Hydraulic and electrical shape molding machines for processing EPS, EPP and fiber casting

Efficiency in production and operation

We give shape to your products

It is the years of experience in in-house processing, expertise in application, and the unique combination of mold making and mechanical engineering that have cemented the HIRSCH Maschinenbau shape-molding machines’ for processing EPS, EPP and fiber casting excellent reputation. Their precision steam consumption metering and the use of an insulated aluminum steam chamber enable the end products to be manufactured highly energy efficiently. As the technology leader in producing ICFs, HIRSCH guarantees particularly fast tool changes thanks to the package setup and an extremely high level of safety for the operators – not just in this area.

Another sustainable innovation from our company

HIRSCH Pulp Molding

HIRSCH offers a complete solution for your requirements through its in-house moldshop where the appropriate molds for the desired end product are developed, designed and constructed. Before the machine and mold go to the customer, extensive testing takes place.

The HIRSCH Pulp Molding Line includes a fiber preparation system in which paper of various qualities is dissolved with water into a fiber suspension (pulp). This pulp is formed in a molding station with a mold, pre-dried and transferred to a drying tunnel. The final step of the production process is a press for the final shaping of the sustainable packaging part.



Advantages at a glance

Technology leader in the production of ICFs

Unique combination of mold making and mechanical engineering

Energy efficient production

Optimal cycle times