EPS machines made by HIRSCH Technology

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50 years HIRSCH Servo Group

HIRSCH Technology, the technology leader in the EPS industry

As a technology leader in the planning, manufacturing and servicing of high-quality machines and plants, HIRSCH Technology has been among the best in the industry for more than 35 years. Innovation and progress are constant companions.

HIRSCH Technology is the technology leader in the manufacture of high-quality, flexible, and cost-effective plant and machinery for processing EPS, EPP and Molded Pulp. Its hallmark is long-lasting, user-friendly machines and systems that produce products of the highest quality primarily for the construction, electrical, food, and packaging industries.

With three locations (Austria, Slovakia and Slovenia) and around 250 employees, HIRSCH Technology is the world’s biggest supplier of innovative mechanical engineering and mold making technology for producing shape molded parts and insulation. In-house processing and unique know-how ensure that all the machines and systems are tailored to each other for reliable processes.